The new Brazilian R&D facility for Novozymes, Bagsvaerd, Denmark, will focus initially on developing new enzyme products for Brazil's rapidly expanding bioenergy sector. The laboratory and customer solutions center are part of the firm's plan to double its production of ethanol fuel by 2020.

The facility will strengthen research in a wide range of industries and baking, agriculture and household care, with the initial focus on bioenergy.

“Our new facilities and expanded research capacity will promote the growth of advanced biofuels in Brazil, an industry that creates jobs, fosters development of new technology, provides new export opportunities for Brazil and Latin America, and creates sustainable solutions essential to the world,” says Pedro Luiz Fernandes, regional president for the company in Latin America.

Brazil expects to double its output of ethanol to meet the growing demand from both domestic and export markets. Novozymes’ own studies indicate that by using sugarcane bagasse and straw, the volume of ethanol can be doubled using the same amount of land.