Rectangular heat recovery exchangers can help save heat and energy in diverse applications, including:

  • Solid waste reduction:

    • Anaerobic digestion.

    • Methane recovery.

    • Bio solids palletizing.

  • Preheating of domestic or industrial raw sludges.

  • Extracting heat from:

    • Recirculated hot water or digested sludges.

    • Centrate digested sludge temperature augmentation reduction prior to dewatering or cooling of digest sludge.

    • Heating to produce Class A biosolids.

  • Processing liquefied products containing solids:

    • Fermentation.

    • Mining.

    • Agriculture.

    • Breweries.

    • Distilleries.

    • Pulp and paper.

    • Metallurgical.

    • Oil industry.

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