HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd., London, a heat transfer specialist for process industries, has supplied Gas Compressors Ltd., Kent, England, with an HRS K37 multi-tube corrugated shell-and-tube heat exchanger for a compressor installation that maintains natural gas supply pressure to a gas turbine at a Manchester, England, paper mill.

The 13' long heat exchanger cools the gas supply after compression, which is required to maintain feed pressure to the turbine in periods of high demand to ensure uninterrupted operation. The heat exchanger condenses out any water vapor present in the gas composition.

The corrugated design achieves the required heat transfer to reduce the gas temperature from 194°F (90°C) to 113°F (45°C) with a very low pressure loss. The corrugated tube enables the heat exchanger to be considerably smaller than a comparable smooth-tube unit, according to the company

“This is a very demanding application,” says Priya Murray, HRS’s technical manager. “Good heat transfer is normally only achieved by high gas velocity and a corresponding high pressure loss that reduces the efficiency of the whole installation. Our corrugated tube design reduces pressure loss to deliver the efficiency required and occupies less space.”