Leister Process Technologies, an international manufacturer of plastic welding and hot air equipment manufacturing, has transitioned from operating as a sole proprietorship to a holding structure consisting of three independent, limited companies. Leister AG, Kaegiswil, Switzerland, will serve as the holding company.

Since its founding in 1949, Leister Process Technologies operated in the legal form of a sole proprietorship. Growth in the past few decades, diversification into additional business areas, and the formation of companies in the United States, Germany, China and Japan spurred the structural changes.
  • Leister AG will act as the holding company, responsible for the management and control of the entire Leister group.

  • Leister Technologies AG will take over well-known business in the areas of plastic welding, hot air industrial processes and laser systems.

  • Axetris AG will replace the Axetris business unit, converting it into an independent company that will remain active in the areas of gas sensors and micro optics.
All existing national affiliates, including Chicago-based Leister Technologies LLC, will remain in operation untouched.

“This new corporate structure allows us to sharpen our focus in key areas, and successfully develop the future of all Leister activities,” says Christiane Leister, CEO of Leister AG. Existing company managers will lead the newly established companies with all properties remaining under the overall direction of Ms. Leister.