A pellet-fired heating facility has been ordered from Helsinki-based Metso, which will contain a turn-key boiler plant solution, including all the necessary equipment and commissioning at Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy, in Tampere, Finland. The facility will be Finland’s largest pellet-fired plant, based on a technological solution that is the first of its kind in Finland, Metso says.

The heating plant will be used as a peak-load and back-up facility, and will replace some of the capacity of the existing oil- and gas-fueled boiler plants. It will be fired with wood pellets and its heat input will be around 33 MW. Replacing the old boilers with a new modern pellet-fired boiler will significantly reduce the CO2emissions resulting from the production of district heating, according to Metso.

Tampereen’s pellet-heating plant will utilize pulverized combustion technology. The pellet fuel is pulverized in separate grinding mills and burned in a pulverized combustion boiler. The combustion process, both the startup and load control, is rapid. The pulverized fuel allows for clean energy efficient and flexible heat generation, Metso says. Pulverized-pellet combustion is new to Finland, but it has been used in Sweden on a smaller scale.

The production of heat at the new plant will start in late 2012.