In an example of industrial scale boilers being used in non-process applications, the Crothall Laundry facility in La Mirada, Calif., has installed 6 Parker Boiler 48LR units, four of which have heat reclaimers for hot water generation. The reclaimers raise boiler efficiency to 85 percent by significantly lowering stack temperature, Parker says.

A deaerator, also from Parker Boiler, Commerce, Calif., was installed with two variable frequency drive-controlled boiler feed pumps, an automatic surface blow-off system, and a 16-stage lead lag control system.

Crothall Laundry's upgrade includes a new Milnor pulse-flow tunnel washer, which uses only 0.3 to 0.4 gal of water per pound of linen.

Andy Jeninga of Western State Design Inc., Hayward, Calif., designed and sold the Parker equipment as part of the laundry's efficiency upgrade.

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