A sourcebook for boiler users offers advice on how to prevent failures within boilers and steam systems. From Nalco Chemical Co. in Naperville, Ill., the second edition of theNalco Guide to Boiler Failure Analysis helps keep boiler system personnel safe.

The new edition has been restructured into three separate sections: Water-side Corrosion and Damage, Fire-side Corrosion and Damage, and Material Defects. Filled with more than 200 color images, the guide categorizes distinct failure modes that typify nearly all boiler problems and walks the reader, step by step, through solutions.

Each type of failure is classified according to its location, general description, critical factors, identification, elimination, cautions and related problems. Real-world case histories are included. New chapters address:
  • Phosphate corrosion.

  • Stress-assisted corrosion.

  • Steam and condensate damage.

  • Flow-accelerated corrosion.
The authors of the second edition are Nalco researchers James Dillon, Paul Desch and Tammy Lai, who added case histories and took a deeper look into each topic area covering more than 12,000 failure analyses.

TheNalco Guide to Boiler Failure Analysiscan be purchased through McGraw-Hill at http://tinyurl.com/72mw2yu or www.amazon.com.