Nalco has installed its 1,000th 3D Trasar boiler automation system, and the Naperville, Ill.-based company is expanding its Nalco 360 Service to provide round-the-clock monitoring for boiler systems.

The 1,000th boiler system was installed to minimizing boiler scale and corrosion in Florenceville, New Brunswick, at McCain Foods. McCain now has 12 3D Trasar boiler automation systems installed in eight locations globally, say the companies.

“Nalco has been working with McCain Foods for several years now, assisting us in meeting our environmental sustainability goals for water and energy reduction; a core value in our commitment to corporate social responsibility,” says Lloyd Borowski, the global vice president of engineering for McCain Foods, which is headquartered in Forenceville.

“In 2011, our efforts globally have resulted in total annual water savings of 144 million gallons and total annual energy savings in excess of 67 million kWh. Improving boiler and cooling water system efficiency has been a sizable component of these gains, and 3D Trasar technology and support from Nalco have been a major factor.”

Nalco's boiler technology combines advanced sensors, chemistry, software and control equipment to understand exact conditions in the boiler and steam system when they are occurring and adjust treatment to prevent problems and improve operations.

“From a maintenance perspective it iss very important to keep heat transfer surfaces clean in order to maximize our operating efficiency,” says Steve Foster, global director of maintenance and reliability at McCain Foods. “3D Trasar technology for boilers improves system reliability and the integrity of our assets, as well as minimizing any unplanned shutdowns that would adversely impact our production. McCain Foods also has 50 3D Trasar systems for cooling water installed in locations globally.”

The Nalco 360 Service provides trained experts that monitor critical processes around the clock for customers using 3D Trasar technology. The service provides in-depth alarm analysis and recommendations as each controller undergoes an system health assurance check to ensure optimal system performance and reliability. Experts constantly monitor systems and provide immediate alarm response and troubleshooting.