To survive and prosper in the fast-moving food processing industry, research and development activities must be efficient and cost-effective. SPX Gerstenberg Schröder brand has developed pilot plants to test crystallized fat products like margarine, shortening and spreads as well as emulsified food products like mayonnaise, sauces and dressings.

One system for testing and development is the Nexus pilot plant, which utilizes CO2as the cooling medium Nexus comprises am efficient, low-energy-consuming scraped surface heat exchanger designed for various food products.

According to SPX, the Nexus pilot plant has been proven to bring much greater efficiency and improved food quality in the production of viscous products such as margarine. The design of the plant helps ensure the efficient cooling created by the use of CO2. Much smaller crystals in a greater quantity can be generated - properties that greatly enhance the quality of certain fats and margarines. Compared to other refrigerants, CO2operated systems require much less energy to produce the same amount of product, making the process significantly more efficient. Further energy savings are realized as the CO2compressor within the Nexus pilot plant has a heat recovery system, which makes available heat from the process for other purposes.

Based in Cologne, Germany, SPX Gerstenberg Schröder is a brand of SPX Flow Technology. To learn more about the pilot plant technology, visit