It takes a long time to build a good name and a reputation for quality. But once you do, it’s an asset with lasting value.

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This Custom Convection Heater (featured on the front cover) is a 2 MM Btu/hr indirect fired air heater, designed and manufactured for Wyssmont® Dryer.

Newpoint Thermal is proud to announce that we are re-launching the GTS Energy name in the marketplace. For more than 20 years, GTS Energy provided process heating solutions to industrial users. In 2008, Newpoint Thermal, a global original equipment manufacturer of process heating products, purchased the assets of GTS Energy as the foundation for our product lines.

Since that time, Newpoint Thermal has continued to manage these products and to employ many experienced, customer-focused professionals who developed their skills at GTS Energy. Now these two brands are merging and will be known as GTS Energy, a name that many in the industry have come to know and trust since 1986.

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GTS Energy offers custom convection heaters, engineered with operating temperatures ranging from cryogenic to above 1200°F. Operating pressures range from full vacuum to 2500 PSIG. GTS Energy also offers custom engineered Thermal Fluid, Bath, and Steam heaters to meet a wide variety of process heating needs across many industries.

GTS Energy products remain in operation across many industries, and customers still recognize and search for the company’s equipment and services. By bringing back this trusted brand - with renewed commitment to its established quality - the new GTS Energy will continue to pursue our vision of providing superior products and professional, customer-driven service.

Owners of GTS Energy equipment are welcomed and encouraged to contact the company with any parts, maintenance or technical needs for their existing equipment. Our staff will draw on its deep company knowledge and expertise, referring to original GTS Energy documentation as needed to take care of your products.

Our leadership is proud to embrace the GTS Energy name and move forward with a new logo and website showcasing our commitment to a professional, customer-dedicated approach. Please visit us at or contact one of our sales engineers at 1.866.964.5648 with any questions or requests.

GTS Energy