Temperature control remains a critical aspect of many manufacturing processes, and it is especially important to laboratories. Pittsburgh-based Chromalox, which specializes in temperature control, was ready when a provider of equipment that supported the chemical analysis and life science market asked for help.

The laboratory had been searching for a heater that could be precisely controlled to meet the demands of its broad customer base. The heaters were needed for a range of applications, including the measurement of sulfur content in natural gas and pesticide residue in consumer products. While gas chromatographs are required for adherence to UL standards, specific ASTM standards govern testing for various chemical substances, with varying degrees of measurement tolerances.

Specialized cartridge heater construction with zero tolerance for defects was the standing order for the Chromalox. Precise ANSI-specified manufacturing tolerances in metric were required for fit and overall construction. In addition to meeting UL and CSA certifications, Chromalox had to design heaters that would meet and maintain specific voltage, wattage and resistance specifications for every unit.

The lab wanted heaters for temperatures ranging from 70 to 752°F (21 to 400°C) with an accuracy value of ±1 percent of calibration.

Benefits to using the Chromalox heaters included proprietary termination technology, zero-defect construction and precise control.

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