Keeping wax at an even temperature had become frustrating and costly for a paper manufacturer that was a customer of Pittsburgh-based Chromalox.

The waxing system on the corrugated paper line at the Tennessee facility could not reliably maintain the required 200°F (93°C) on both the supply and return lines, causing downtime and slowing production. The supply lines fed rollers that applied wax to the paper with the excess wax feeding back to the supply tank via return lines. Maintaining the wax at the prescribed temperature was vital to line flow and a consistent quality packaging product.

Chromalox installed 500' of self-regulating heat tracing cable to maintain temperatures on both the high and low side. Chromalox’s IntelliTrace heat tracing line-sensing control panel regulates the line. Microprocessor-based, the touch-screen panel allows programming, and monitors and regulates the high/low temperatures, while providing a ground-fault alarm and trip monitor.

The corrugated paper manufacturer realized multiple benefits: increased productivity leading, greater profitability, more reliable performance and constant monitoring to maintain that reliability.