software and datalogger remote interfaceDesigned for controlled environments in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, viewLinc 4.1 offers an optimized mobile interface for remote continuous monitoring and alarm management. The software, developed by Vaisala Inc., Helsinki, Finland, allows users to monitor environments measured with the company’s temperature and humidity dataloggers and supported devices via the Web. For instance, the company’s Veriteq SP-1700 thermocouple temperature dataloggers are used with the software to create a continuous monitoring system for process verification, dry ice product storage, oven/kiln process profiling, or to document ISO 9000 quality/EPA/HACCP compliance.

The latest version of the software offers an optimized mobile interface for remote continuous monitoring. Along with location-based and time-zone specific reporting, viewLinc 4.1 is localized for German, French, Swedish and Chinese users.

Improvements to the user interface facilitate access to product data via Windows-type navigation. In addition, it shows data by location, which allows users to easily find the loggers, swap out devices, and report data by location. With the mobile interface, users can acknowledge and pause alarms, view live trends on any monitored location under their control, and view trend data in real-time.

The company offers a demo via its YouTube channel.