Stelter & Brinck Celebrates 90 YearsFounded in 1922 as a manufacturer’s representative selling the first burners and combustion components to industry, Stelter & Brinck marks its 90th year in business in 2012. In those 90 years, the company built its reputation in engineering and service and transformed from representative agency to equipment manufacturer.

By the early 1980s, Stelter & Brinck began designing and building larger, more complex equipment than their original subassemblies. While the company still provided parts, it was in the 1990s that Stelter & Brink introduced combustion field services. Today, the company manufactures:

  • Direct- and indirect-fired air heaters.
  • Thermal and catalytic oxidizers and afterburners.
  • Integrated packaged process systems.
  • Ladle and tundish dryers and preheaters, and scrap preheaters.
  • Aluminum sow dryers, crucible ovens and furnaces.
  • Specialty ovens and furnaces.
  • Combustion field services and parts for burners.

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