Test, Measurement, Control, Calibration Equipment Catalog ReleasedA 1,360-page catalog includes test, measurement, control and calibration equipment from a range of manufacturers.

The V78 Sourcebook from Davis Instruments, Vernon Hills, Ill., includes products such as the Flir T440 industrial thermal imaging camera that adds visible spectrum definition to infrared images. Other products include the AEMC 10 kV and 15 kV digital megohmmeters as well as the Ashcroft digital pressure gauges with a stainless steel sensor and -three button keypad programming. It also includes Fluke's 810 vibration testing system, which identifies and locates imbalances, misalignments, loose bearings and similar insufficiencies to prevent downtime.

To request a copy the sourcebook, visit www.davis.com/19465 or call (800) 358-5525.