HRS Heat Exchangers S.L.U., the Spanish arm of HRS Heat Exchangers, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, supplied Citricos Y Refrescantes S.A. (CITRESA) with MI Series heat exchangers for a pasteurizer system installed at their Valencia plant in Spain. CITRESA, part of Orangina Schweppes, produces industrial product for internal use in the bottling factories in of Suntory Group.

The pasteurizer for the Valencia site is part of a complete line for blending and processing concentrate and will process 13,228 lb/hr (6,000 kg/hr) of concentrate. The pasteurizer will stabilize the microbiological quality of the concentrate before it can be stored on site. The MI Series, supplied by HRS for the pasteurizer, has corrugated inner tubes to increase the rate of heat transfer coefficient, allowing a more rapid thermal treatment.

“The pasteuriser is an important part of recent developments at our Valencia site which will enable us to provide orange and lemon juice concentrate to all the Suntory companies in Spain and France," says Alfredo Puchades, production manager for Citricos Y Refrescantes S.A.