Rotary Furnace Selected for Unique Metal Powder ProcessingA continuous rotary furnace will play a key role in the production of specialty composite metal powders at Allomet Corp., North Huntington, Pa. The system from Harper International, Buffalo, N.Y., is engineered to drive increased throughput of Allomet’s material.

Allomet opted for a furnace from Harper after several process evaluation sessions at Harper’s Technology Research Center, where Harper’s experts demonstrated the carburization process. The rotary furnace is designed to accommodate Allomet’s use of argon, hydrogen and methane atmospheres, either in combination or singularly.

Allomet Corp. manufactures nano-engineered powdered metal using high-technology processes and equipment. Its industrial powders with extreme strength and wear-resistance performance characteristics are used in applications such as cutting tools, wire dies, and surface coatings created via thermal spray or laser cladding.