Processors in the Midwest who want to learn more about industrial electrical and electronic technology products from Phoenix Contact that power, protect, connect and automate systems and equipment can head to its renovated customer and technology center opened in Ann Arbor, Mich.

The Middletown, Pa.-based company opened its Midwest customer center to create an open-interaction environment, according to Jack Nehlig, president of Phoenix Contact USA. The facility includes a demonstration room tailored to show specific process automation solutions for five specific industries: automotive, power generation, oil and gas, transportation and water/wastewater.

Volker Bibelhausen, head of the Division Control and Industry Solutions and a member of the executive board, said, "The recent creation of the Control and Industry Solutions group prepares us for future growth. We are especially proud that the Ann Arbor office is part of our division. It is the head office of Phoenix Contact's newly formed U.S. automotive global industry management team, which is an integral part of our global solutions strategy. Ann Arbor also is the U.S. home of our Software Competence Center, which created our PC WORX Soft-PLC RT and is an innovation leader for software for our industrial PC and Web technology."