By one measure I found, there are more than 8 billion pages on the Internet — 8 billion and growing! Buried within are useful heat processing tips, case histories, studies, videos — useful information that could help you do your job. So how can you cut through those 8 billion pages and find what you need? Start with the newly redesigned

Process Heating’s redesigned website has boosted the editorial content everywhere on the site, but even better, we have added a smart tagging system that automatically suggests other articles based on what you’re looking at. That means, if you’re reading about an oxidizer at a chemicals plant, the site will suggest stories about both oxidizers and chemical processing. And, you can use the more robust search to find even more content.

We haven’t stopped at tagging though. We also revamped the page layout and graphic design. Articles with multiple images have slide shows nice and big near the top. (All new content posts this way, and we’re working though more than a dozen years of archives to update the previously posted content.) We’ve dropped some ad sizes to make room for more content, and we’ve changed locations of some ads so they don’t interfere with content readability. We want you to come back to our site regularly to view our oft-changing articles, and delve deeper into the site.

We’ve organized our content into broad categories that you can access via the brown tabs at the very top of the page. The drop-down menus under each tab allow quick access to just what you’re looking for by giving you a choice of further categories. For instance, you’ll find great articles about combustion if you click on the Technology tab or heat exchangers under the Equipment tab. For a shortcut to all of the above tabs, scroll down to the bottom of the home page where all the drop-down menus already are open and waiting for your click.

Our site still contains our very searchable Equipment Overviews. Starting in 2013, we’ll be including fewer companies in the print edition, but you can find more information online. The online Equipment Overviews also can include upgraded listings for some manufacturers, with web logo and links; social media linked icons online; company descriptions; contact/title online; and web photos and spec sheets. To find our Equipment Overviews online, click on the brown buying advice tab at the top of the page.

Linda Becker, Associate Publisher and Editor,