When choosing which heat transfer fluid to use for your process, data such as density, film coefficient, viscosity, pour point and thermal conductivity need to be taken into consideration. In Process Heating's Equipment Overview on Heat Transfer Fluids, we have compiled all the data you need to choose a fluid that can take the heat.

GET STARTED reviewing our fluid data online: Equipment Overview: Heat Transfer Fluids

The online version includes searching capabilities to make it even easier to find the fluid that is right for your process. You set the criteria and let the search engine work for you. Select a Base Stock from the column on the left, then click on specific fluids in the results list.

Use our RFP Builder to collect information from multiple suppliers in one easy step. To do so, go to any product page and click the plus sign next to those suppliers you wish to add to your distribution list, or add suppliers by clicking the Add Suppliers button. Once you've created your list, click on the Submit an info request button to create a pre-populated form. Fill in your contact information and send it. All responses from suppliers will be sent directly to you or the contact(s) designated by you.

If you would like to contact a heat transfer fluid manufacturer listed in our Equipment Overview, click on the company name and the contact information for each manufacturer is shown with each fluid listing. (Click on the fluid name to see contact information.)

Please note: Manufacturers listed in this Equipment Overview responded to a special mailing by Process Heating and do not necessarily represent the entire heat transfer fluid market. To be included in future listings, contact Linda Becker at (262) 564-0074 or e-mail BeckerL@bnpmedia.com.