Today’s businesses operate in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. And when success or survival depends on the effective operation of heat transferPetro logo systems, worldwide, businesses are turning to CALFLO heat transfer fluids. The full line of CALFLO fluids are used across a wide range of industries, such as plastics, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and resin manufacturing, and the list goes on.

CALFLO heat transfer fluids provide advanced thermal and oxidative stability for longer fluid life and enhanced equipment stability. CALFLO begins with a unique formulation of advanced base stocks plus specialty additives. Utilizing a patented HT process, Petro-Canada Lubricants, the makers of CALFLO, remove the impurities and irritants that are common to other heat transfer fluids. The result is the CALFLO family of advanced fluids for non-pressurized, liquid phase applications between 326°C (620°F) and -40°C (-40°F), in both open and closed systems.

CALFLO heat transfer fluids are non-toxic, and help to remove hazardous controlled substances, so they’re better for performance, workers’ health and safety, and
the environment.

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