A maker of wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) systems, semi-dry and wet scrubbers, catalytic VOC-reduction systems, evaporative gas cooling systems and related parts and services, TurboSonic Technologies Inc. has been acquired by Megtec Systems Inc., DePere, Wis. Megtec is an international producer of air pollution control, resource recovery and sustainable energy-related industrial equipment and services via operations in the United States, France, Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, India and Australia.

Known henceforth as Megtec TurboSonic Technologies Inc. and operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Megtec Systems Inc., the Waterloo, Ontario-based operation will function as a separate business unit within Megtec's Environment, Climate and Energy (ECE) Group.

Commenting on the transaction, Mohit Uberoi, president and CEO of Megtec Systems, says, "The acquisition adds substantially to Megtec's ECE business by bringing the highly regarded TurboSonic name and line of equipment under the Megtec umbrella. The new technologies broaden Megtec's environmental solution competencies, from abatement and energy recovery, to include particulate and acid gas control, and [they] provide an opportunity for Megtec to supply its customers with packaged solutions, including both particulate and volatile organic compound control."