Dryer Maker Adds Pinterest Boards with Vintage PhotosAs part of the denouement of its 125th anniversary celebration, Pittsburgh-based Heyl & Patterson created boards on Pinterest to help tell its history. Pinterest — a pinboard-style social photo sharing website — allows users to create theme-based image collections related to events, interests and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, re-pin images to their own collections or “like” photos. Pinterest users can save their favorite pins to one of their own boards or upload their own photos to share with the Pinterest community via its own boards.

Heyl & Patterson joined the Pinterest community to allow anyone to browse and pin its library of online images. In keeping with its anniversary celebration, the company began by posting vintage photos from the company’s history. According to Heyl & Patterson's blog, the company plans to add photo sets of equipment such as fluid bed dryers, rotary dryers and calciners as well as archival drawings and other artwork.

It is not necessary to be a member of Pinterest to view the pages; however, to re-pin or post them, a membership is required. To view the company's boards, visit pinterest.com/heylpatterson.