Multiple Paint Sample Drying Ovens Order for Minnesota Oven MakerAn automotive and industrial refinish company that supplies automotive, industrial and architectural finishes has ordered several Model PRVO paint sample drying ovens from Minneapolis Despatch Industries. According to the oven maker, the customer will utilize the ovens for testing the performance of various paints and finishes.

“We are very pleased to continue working with this customer to provide custom equipment for their paint and finish testing needs,” says Steve Eul, an applications engineer at Despatch. “The PRVO oven is the perfect tool for applications that require customization of several variables for complete product performance testing.”

The paint sample drying ovens are designed to perform small batch laboratory testing of paint finishes. They are able to test paints, including flammable, solvent-based paints, at various temperatures and curing times and with different ramp rates. The operating range is up to 500F (260°C). According to Despatch, the oven offers high-volume, recirculating, vertical-up airflow to achieve consistent temperature uniformity throughout the work chamber.