“Breaking up is hard to do,” laments Neil Sedaka in his 1962 hit. The reference dates me, but age is relevant to this commentary, which supplants Editor and Associate Publisher Linda Becker’s usual editorial.

I am just past retirement age and this is my good bye to everyone — absolutely everyone — who has followed the Process Heating brand from its print-only days into this second decade of 2013, where electronic media readership continues to grow nonstop.

It’s been 19 years since I started Process Heating for BNP Media. That was a very exciting proposition, to create something from scratch and nurture it along. Linda joined the publication about a year after its start, and we’ve worked so closely for so long, that I’m breaking up with more than just the publication. I’ll miss the brainstorming sessions in which Linda and I would explore new ideas to bring you, our readers, information that you couldn’t get easily — or at all — anywhere else.

It was a challenge, and I loved it.

Neil Sedaka also crooned: “Think of all that we’ve been through.” And I have. My memories are rich and satisfying. Process Heating’s staff put in the ideas along with the hours. As a smallish group, we wore lots of hats, trading them back and forth as needed. We wanted to be sure that when we put our words down on paper, in an enewsletter, online, or arranged a webinar presentation, that our readers would learn something new, just like I have every day as publisher of Process Heating.
Behind the scenes or more visible, staff from lots of BNP departments have contributed to Process Heating. Linda, of course, and Susan Heinauer, Beth McClelland, Becky McClelland, Courtney Fathers, Clare Johnson, Drew Matthews, Linda Stoll, Carolyn Perucca, Lynn Fish, Christina Roth, Vicki Thomas-Kelly, Liz Parker, and others help bring you this product. I want to thank everyone for their help over these 19 years.

And I want to thank you, dear readers, for your attention and loyalty.

“They say that breaking up is hard to do. Now I know, I know that it’s true.”

Anne Armel, Publisher