MW of electricity to the country’s electricity grid — solely from biomass.Corn power plant

The plant is powered by reportedly the world’s largest biomass circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler, which was supplied by Foster Wheeler, Zug, Switzerland. CFB technology is capable of firing a range of biomasses and other fuels, including those derived from agricultural crops. Agricultural biomass can be produced much faster and on a larger scale than longer-growth wood-based biomasses, making for more economical and sustainable biomass power.

According to a company spokesman, the challenge was to design a boiler capable of reliably firing the difficult-to-burn agricultural biomass while still increasing steam temperatures for high efficiency. The CFB used in the plant achieves a net plant efficiency of more than 36 percent based on the fuels’ lower heating value while using solely biomass that contains up to 20 percent agricultural material.

Foster Wheeler provided a turnkey delivery of the boiler island and fuel yard, including design and supply of all steam generation and auxiliary equipment, civil work, erection and commissioning.