Thermal oil specialist Global Heat Transfer, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, is calling for the food and pharmaceutical industries to ensure they use compliant food-grade thermal fluids in heat transfer applications. According to the company, although the use of food-grade fluids is a regulatory requirement imposed by several bodies, including the FDA and NSF, it is one that many manufacturers are entirely unaware of.

If there is any possibility that an oil or lubricant could come into contact with food products, a certified food-grade fluid must be used to safeguard consumer health. Failure to use food-grade oil in a food application can result in the loss of the manufacturer’s top-tier accreditation.

Nontoxic, clear in appearance and odorless, food-grade oil is designed not to contaminate food so, should a minor spillage occur, there would be no need for products to be recalled.

The company offers food-grade fluids.