Holman Boiler - Boiler Manufacturer Adds 3-D Computer ModelingIn an industry where the technology to make steam has remained essentially unchanged for 200 years, Dallas-based Holman Boiler Works revamped its engineering and manufacturing functions to optimize its customers’ buying process.

Holman noted that many companies do not have as-built drawings of their boilers or mechanical systems because of changes made during repairs, system expansion or maintenance. The lack of up-to-date drawings makes applying new manufacturing and engineering techniques more challenging.

To address these limitations, company CEO John Marrinucci and Engineering Director John Iannone developed a 3-D modeling technology approach to boiler installations. “We use a 3-D laser scanner in conjunction with software to produce detailed 3-D images of engineered products, modifications, prototypes and repair parts,” says Iannone. The technology reduces the cost of re-engineering and producing a set of boiler or mechanical system drawings.

The computer-based 3-D modeling also allows the company to develop more accurate field drawings and models for project management. Additionally, the 3-D models can be used as training aids for operations and maintenance personnel.

The company plans to use 3-D modeling for heat transfer, fluid dynamics, ASME calculations and flame and burner modeling in the future.