Used for generating steam for power, processing or space heating, or for producing hot water to heat products or a hot water supply, a boiler delivers steam or hot fluid to the end use point at the desired pressure and temperature. But once you know that you need a boiler, how do you find a supplier? One source is Process Heating’s annual Equipment Overview on Boilers.

Visit our Equipment Overview on Boilers and narrow your search by aspects such as ratings, design pressure, type and fuel or energy source. Selecting a single manufacturer allows you to see its full capabilities. Hyperlinks take you directly to selected manufacturers websites.

If you need more information and want to contact an industrial boiler manufacturer directly, view Equipment Overview on Boilers and click on a company name for complete information.

Manufacturers listed in this Equipment Overview responded to a special mailing by Process Heating and do not necessarily represent the entire industrial boiler market. To be included in future listings, contact Linda Becker at