A new course from the International Society of Automation (ISA), process safety fundamentals covers process safety concepts, standards and procedures, and accentuates the need to regard process safety as a fundamental daily priority. The next session will be held on May 20 at ISA’s Columbia, Ill., regional training location.

ISA has played an important role in elevating process safety through the development of the ISA84 functional safety standards, says Luis Garcia, a consultant for Siemens Energy and Automation, a certified functional safety expert and the instructor of the ISA course. The ISA84 standards improve the design, installation, operation and maintenance of safety instrumented systems — the computer-based systems used to prevent adverse safety, health and environmental consequences.

In addition to explaining the purpose and value of the ISA84 standards, the course:

  • Covers legal requirements.
  • Describes the role of personnel in the safety lifecycle.
  • Reveals how to determine and manage safety risks.
  • Evaluates the basic characteristics of a SIS and their implications.
  • Emphasizes the importance of maintenance in the operational phase.
  • Discusses the differences between various industry-applicable standards.
  • Serves as a preparatory course for a more advanced process safety course.

The last day to register for this class is May 6. The course also will be offered as part of ISA SIS Boot Camp at ISA Technical Training Camp in Houston in June. To view all 2013 dates and locations or to register, visit here