Use IECEx App to Identify Devices in Explosive AtmospheresIECEx ― the IEC system for certification to standards relating to equipment for use in explosive atmospheres ― has launched a mobile application to show international certificates.

Engineering professionals in the field can look at a piece of installed equipment, and the app provides them with the ability to confirm that there is a valid certificate for the apparatus on the IECEx online certificate system.

This no-cost application of the IECEx online certificate system is available for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. It can be found at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The mobile app installs a simplified version of the main IECEx online certificate system covering certified Ex equipment and allows the user to synchronize the Ex Mobile App with the IECEx online certificate system as required.

The offline mode provides advanced search capability and certificates of conformity (CoC) abstracts. (The online version gives the full details of CoC.) With the simplified details, the user is able to determine that the equipment has been installed in compliance with the relevant international standards. They can immediately verify the authenticity of a CoC as the IECEx online Ex equipment certificate system holds the definitive original certificate. Search criteria include the certificate number; certification body; type of protection for equipment; apparatus; and applicant.

In the coming months, IECEx, Geneva, Switzerland, expects to launch a new application for Windows 8 Mobile OS so that all IECEx certified Ex equipment system users are supported.