Convection and conduction heaters are used in heat processing applications to create and apply heat via either a medium such as air or via direct contact. Convection heating typically offers a predictable ramp/soak profile and relatively slow temperature changes. Conduction heaters allow you to put the heat exactly where you want it, but the material to be heated must be able to withstand contact with the heater or element.

Convection and conduction heaters come in many shapes and sizes, from rings, bands and strips to immersion units, indirect heating systems and heating cable. The characteristics of the product to be heated and the heating requirements of your process will help determine what type of heater to use. Reputable manufacturers can help you narrow the field to the styles best suited to optimize your process.

Our Equipment Overview on Convection and Conduction Heaters offers a side-by-side comparison of convection and conduction heater manufacturers to show you which companies manufacture the types you want. If you need more information and want to contact a heater manufacturer directly, view it HERE and click on a company name for complete information.