Users of test tools from Fluke Corp. may be masters of troubleshooting, but how do they stack up when pitted against one another? That is the challenge of an interactive online game from the Everest, Wash.-based company.

“Find It. Fix It. Fast.” pits players against the clock to find and fix the most problems. A Fluke CNX wireless system will be awarded to a participant of the game based on a random drawing. The wireless system allows technicians see live measurements from multiple modules simultaneously and remotely on a single screen.

The online game takes players to a factory floor filled with equipment as well as Fluke wireless test tool modules. As players mouse over different areas of the factory, they discover problems that need to be fixed. Players then select and drag the correct Fluke modules onto the equipment to troubleshoot and fix the problem. The challenge is to correctly fix problems in the shortest possible time, utilizing both wireless measurement as well as the ability to see multiple readings on screen at the same time.

 Fastest time will be posted periodically on Fluke’s website. To play, visit