There is no natural gas pipeline in Putney, Vt., but, at the end of March, Soundview Vermont Holdings LLC began using natural gas instead of oil as boiler fuel for its recycled tissue, towel and napkin operation in Putney.

Trucks from NG Advantage LLC are delivering compressed natural gas from a compressor station in Milton, Vt. This “virtual pipeline” is the first time that U.S. companies located beyond the reach of physical pipelines have been able to take advantage of relatively inexpensive North American natural gas.

Fuel levels are remotely monitored by NG Advantage’s central dispatch, and Soundview automatically receives natural gas deliveries as needed. The compressed natural gas is used directly from NG Advantage trailers, so no onsite storage facility is required. The Putney plant operates continuously making tissue, towel and napkin products for commercial and institutional use. It processes approximately 110 tons of recycled material per day.

 Using the natural gas has allowed the company to meet economic and environmental goals, reducing its CO2 emissions by 28 percent. Soundview and NG Advantage worked directly with the State of Vermont Hazmat Response Team and the Town of Putney Fire Department on all permitting and fire safety review, requirements and training.