Most industrial fan/blower companies offer fan selection software, available via the Internet on company websites, or offered as a program to be installed on your computer. No matter the source though, it is important to do two things before using the selection software: learn the company's products, and learn the software. Once you have mastered that information, it is time to understand the five phases of fan selection using fan selection software.

1. Performance Data Input

The first phase requires knowledge of how the system is expected to run, i.e., how much volume and pressure the fan is required to handle as well as air density information and generic fan configuration.

2. Fan Selection

This is the phase in which the user selects one specific fan out of all options that can perform o the requirements specified in the first phase.

3. Fan Curve

During this step, the user is able to see exactly how the selected fan will perform. The software will identify the point where the system resistance curve intersects the static pressure curve.

4. Fan Drawing

The software will generate fan drawings that contain dimensional information for the fan selected in the second phase.

5. Pricing

In the final step, the pricing page will displays line items, identifying the cost of the fan assembly as well as selected components such as a motor, drive, guards, inlet box and damper.

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