Metso and CMPC Celulose Riograndense S.A. have finalized an agreement, according to which Metso will supply the technology to CMPC’s Guaíba II pulp line in Brazil. The total value of the project is around €800 to €900 million, of which around €400 million consists of Metso’s own equipment and systems.

The new pulp line ― an expansion to the existing Guaíba pulp mill ― will have a capacity of 1.3 million tonnes per year and will be able to reach 1.5 million tonnes per year with minor investments. It will be built in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil and is scheduled to be commissioned in the first half of 2015.

Metso’s delivery will include the main parts of the pulp line: the cooking plant and fiberline, pulp drying and baling, evaporation, a recovery boiler, causticizing and lime kiln, and an integrated automation solution and an operator training simulator for all mill process areas.

The main part of the order is included in Metso’s Pulp, Paper and Power orders received in the second quarter of 2013. The automation package is included in Metso Automation’s orders received in the second quarter of 2013.

The order will be supplied by Metso’s units in Europe and Brazil. The total impact on employment will be approximately 300 man-years in Metso group and during the peak of the construction approximately 4,000 people will be working for Metso in the construction site.

CMPC Celulose Riograndense is part of the Chilean group, CMPC Celulosa, one of the largest forestry-based companies in Latin America. Its mills in Chile and Brazil produce around 2.8 million tonnes of pulp per year.