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Liquid-Tube Furnace Thermal Heaters Meet SCAQMD Requirements

Model 207 is offered from 672,000 BTU input to 2.5 million BTU output. The sealed combustion, liquid-tube furnace thermal heaters have a flexible-tube, double-welded design that offers a shockproof design without any cast refractory. The heaters are designed with sealed combustion and low excess air levels, and efficiencies are high. All models are designed to fit through a 36" doorway without disassembly. The gas-fired models 2.0 MM BTU and below are SCAQMD Certified to rule 1146.2 for sub 20 ppm NOX. The units are available in straight gas fired, straight oil, combination gas /oil, and digester or biogas in combination with other fuels.

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Compact Steam Generators for Offshore Oil Rigs

SigmaFire line of steam generators is available in sizes of 25 ,35, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 200 BHP (245 to 1,962 kW). It incorporates modular construction of its main components: steam generator, the feedwater tank and other feedwater equipment. The onboard steam generator can be used to heat drilling mud, a viscous liquid. The “mud” is delivered through the inner ring of a vertical, two-section pipe to drive and lubricate a drilling head functioning beneath the sea’s surface. Units are available with servo-based burner management systems for improved pressure control, load following and repeatability.

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Miura boiler

On-Demand Steam Boilers Deliver Increased Production Capacity

Models LX-200 and LX-50 provide on-demand steam generation and fuel savings. The once-through fintube design heats a smaller volume of water more efficiently. Combined with built-in precision microprocessor-control technology, the boilers help conserve fuel. The fintube design also enables the boilers to generate full steam from a cold start in 5 min or less. The modular on-demand steam capability makes them well-suited to a multiple installation in which boilers can be selectively turned on or off as needed to efficiently manage changing load conditions rather than idling in standby and consuming energy.

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Miura boiler

Steam Generator Offers High Turndown Ratios

Capable of providing steam within 5 minutes, Circulatic incorporates link-free controls and communications capabilities. The controls offer improved combustion, fuel savings and increased reliability due to the elimination of mechanical linkages.  Other features include a compact design and full modulation with 10:1 turndown ratios. The forced recirculation watertube boiler uses a drum as a steam separator and a reservoir of water to supply the coils. A recirculating pump draws the water from the drum and forces it through a set of parallel connected coils at the rate of three to four times the maximum steaming rate.

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Flowmeter Measures the Energy Used

Model Gilflo ILVA is composed of four individual pieces: an ILVA, a compact stem, a manifold and a Scanner 2000 steam mass flow transmitter that can output and display mass flow rates and totals. The compact stem reduces the installation time of the ILVA because assembly is limited to 10 bolts. The flowmeter range is engineered with a specially profiled cone that helps to reshape and flatten the flow stream profile just before the measurement point. Therefore, long straight runs are not needed. It is able to measure from full flow down to very low flow rates, allowing for measurement over a turndown range of 100:1.

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Biomass-Waste-Fuel Boiler/Gasifier Handles Multiple Fuels

Biomass boiler solution can combust many different fuels, allowing users to burn local fuels  such as wood chips and oat hulls while keeping fossil fuels in place for backup. The system is controlled with the company’s Biomass-TER, a dashboard-driven control and monitoring system for boiler and peripheral equipment.

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