Closed-Loop Heating via Thermal Fluid Heaters

Thermal fluid heaters are offered in 0.5 to 75 million
BTU/hr in horizontal or vertical, two-pass or three-pass models, and up-fired or down-fired configurations. Used in closed-loop thermal fluid heat transfer systems, the heaters are designed around a helical coil. Thermal fluid flows through the helical coil, gaining radiant and convective heat from hot burner gases. The heated thermal fluid transfers heat to end users such as tanks, presses, dryers, reactors, chillers, extruders, steam generators or other equipment. Heater features include factory-preassembled design, optional on-site setup and startup, and factory service options. All are customized to meet customer specifications. 

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Process Heating Co heaters

Low Watt Density, Drywell Heaters Designed for Vats, Tanks, Reservoirs

Designed for use in tanks, large vats and reservoirs, flanged immersion heaters consist of a 150 or 300 lb flange for mounting and exclusive heating elements. The element’s dry well and low density design allow the heater to be serviced or replaced without draining the tank. The low watt density design keeps the element sheath temperature low, reducing the chance of heater coking or buildup. The heaters can be supplied with custom UL-listed industrial control panels integrally mounted and wired to the heaters, or without, if controls already are present. The flange and heater tubes can be made of mild steel or various grades of stainless steel.

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Fostoria HR series heaters

Bake, Cure, Dehydrate or Heat with Process Heaters

Hot Room Heater Series will quickly heat enclosures up to 150°F (66°C) to bake, cure, dehydrate or heat products or coatings requiring heat in a nonhazardous environment. The heaters can be permanently mounted or portable, and they can be placed inside the room (ducting not required) or placed outside the room with the air ducted to and from the space. These heaters can be used to safely heat nonhazardous paints and other coatings to accelerate drying times on metals, plastics or other substrates. Heaters also can be used to dehydrate products requiring lower moisture content or simulate the higher ambient temperatures needed for product or coatings testing.

Fostoria Process Equipment Division, TPI Corp.

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Dalton heaters

Split-Sheath Cartridge Heaters Expand When Energized to Maximize Heat Transfer

Watt-Flex uses a split-sheath design that expands when energized to maximize heat transfer via greater contact with the wall of the bore. Better heat transfer means less power is consumed to maintain the setpoint temperature. The electric conduction heater is offered in a choice of leads for many process heating applications. Options include flexible stainless-steel hose or braid to protect against frequent flexing and abrasion; straight or right-angle headers; extra-long leads; high temperature leads; threaded post terminals; fiberglass or silicon-rubber sleeving; an internal ground wire; and a quick-disconnect lead with a male plug.

Dalton Electric Heating Co. Inc.

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Gencor heaters

Thermal Fluid Heater Has Twin-Coil, Close-Wound Helical Coils

Designed for high temperature industrial process applications, Twin-Coil HYT Series has two close-wound helical coils to provide thermal efficiency in a compact package for limited space applications. The internal use of a ceramic fiber blanket in place of cast refractory reduces weight and the expense of maintaining castable refractory. Built with a rugged design, it is suitable for use with a range of fuels and thermal fluids. The company’s Hy-Way line can be used for applications from asphalt to petrochemicals, food processing to textiles.

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Hapco heaters

Heaters for Curing, Melting, Shrinking, Drying, Warming, Sterilization

BAK Type L92 heater design line operates within the power range of 5 to 17 kW. All heaters in the line are available as three-phase versions for the voltage range 3 x 230 to 3 x 480 V. The air outlet connections of Model L62 are compatible with the predecessor heater types MP 50 and its accessories, and the L92 has a large diameter heating element for maximum power and airflow. Deployed in a number of industrial production processes, the heaters can be used for a range of process applications, including curing, melting, shrinking, drying, warming and sterilization.

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Precision Control heaters

Short-Wave T3 Lamps Allows Energy to Be Optically Focused

Fast heating, quartz T3 lamp systems are used in many industrial heating applications to provide rapid, controlled infrared heat to many thermal processes. Users of this type of T3 system realize benefits such as increased line speeds, reduced floor space requirements and lower energy consumption. T3 lamps are coupled with either polished aluminum or ceramic reflectors to direct and enhance the infrared heating effect. Applications include silicone rubber vulcanization, wire and cable heating, plastic film heating, plastic softening, coil and strip coating, and annealing.

Precision Control Systems Inc. • Research Inc.

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Sigma heaters

Thermal Fluid Heater with Single Helical Coil Allows for Two Passes of Flue Gases

Capable of being designed with a vertical up-fired, vertical down-fired, or horizontal configuration, Model HC-1 utilizes a single helical coil configuration with two passes of flue gas along the coil surface. The conservative single coil design offers sturdy reliability at a lower cost. Features include fuel source flexibility as well as standard or engineered burner configurations for use with both traditional and alternative fuel sources. BACT burners are available to meet all emissions requirements. The generous combustion chamber size ensures no flame impingement. Capacities range from 500,000 to 40 million BTU/hr.

Sigma Thermal
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Emitted energy heaters

Short-Wave, Medium-Wave Infrared Heating Technology

Custom-designed infrared quartz lamps, complete infrared heating systems and services utilizing thermal imaging and heat profiling technologies are offered by the company. Products include short- and medium-wavelength infrared emitter quartz lamps. Short-wave emitters have tungsten filaments enclosed in 99.9 percent pure quartz tube while medium-wave emitters are constructed with carbon-based filaments enclosed in 99.9 percent pure quartz tube. Advanced heat analysis and profiling with thermal imaging technology ensure that the heaters can deliver the desired heat profile for your product. The company focuses on solving industrial heating issues with a scientific approach.

Emitted Energy Corp.
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Fulton heaters

Horizontal Coil Thermal Fluid Heaters Operate to 650°F

Features of the horizontal coil, thermal fluid heaters include a three-pass design, allowing for high fluid velocities and low film temperatures. Alliance FT-HC provides outputs from 2.4 million to 20 million BTU/hr and offers maximum operating temperatures to 650°F (340°C). The heaters are built and tested in accordance with ASME Code Section I or ASME Code Section VIII, Div. 1.

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Capture Waste Heat, Generate Process Energy Whilst Conserving Resources

Energy systems use waste from board production to produce a large portion of the energy used for operating the board lines. The energy recovery systems can use fuel from bark and startup fibers, sanding dust and off-spread material, or lower quality fuels obtained from external sources such as waste wood that is unsuitable for use in production. The company offers its custom solutions for more efficient use of energy, thereby contributing to reducing costs and lowering environmental pollution.

Dieffenbacher USA Inc.
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Hubbell heaters

Electric Immersion Heater Line Includes Cartridge, Screwplug and Flanged Designs

With heavy-duty materials of construction, immersion heaters are constructed using high-grade materials and put through a vigorous quality assurance testing procedure to ensure that each heater conforms to specification. Heaters are fabricated in a range of types and styles, including cartridge, screwplug and flanged. Applications include water heating, boilers, oil heaters, freeze protection, storage tanks, railroad tank cars, process systems and heat transfer systems.

Hubbell Heaters
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Omega Engineering heaters

High Temperature, Ceran Glass-Faced Infrared Panel Heaters

Infrared panel heaters have black ceran glass as the emitter face. The maximum emitter face temperature is 1,600°F (870°C). The output wavelength is between 2.5 and 6 µm, and three watt densities are available: 10, 15, and 20 W/in2. The panel heaters are suited for automotive, manufacturing and plastics industry applications.

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Single, Dual-Coil Thermal Fluid Heaters Provide Tight Temperature Control

Offered in capacities ranging from 0.4 to 75 million
BTU/hr, thermal fluid heating systems are designed to supply continuous direct heat at temperatures ranging from 150 to 800°F (65 to 427°C). The use of thermal oil allows the pressures to remain low compared to steam systems. Due to the low operating pressure and corresponding ASME Section VIII classification, the need for a licensed boiler operator is eliminated.

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Leister heaters

Double-Flange Air Heaters Can Help Recapture Hot Air

Built from high temperature materials so they can be used in hot-air recirculation environments, double-flange air heaters provides benefits such as greater energy efficiency for the entire process, energy cost savings, the ability to recapture hot air, and a maximum air inlet temperature of 662°F (350°C). Two models, LE 5000 DF-R and LE 10000 DF-R, cover a power range spanning 4.5 to 17 kW.

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Explosionproof Enclosure Heater Certified for Hazardous Locations

Designed to provide freeze and condensation protection in small spaces, Model XPMC has an anodized aluminum body protecting a cartridge heater. The explosionproof enclosure heater is CSA certified for hazardous locations (Class I, Div. 1 and 2, Groups B, C and D). It is suited for use in panel manufacturing, gas analyzers, petrochemical processing, pump houses and motor control centers that require an explosionproof solution. The units can be ordered in 6 and 12” (150 and 300 mm) lengths, ranging from 120 to 480 V.

Chromalox • (412) 967-3800

Oil Immersion Heaters Work with Heat Transfer Fluids to Heat for Years

Series TRO, TSO and TSOL use a dielectric material to support the coiled heating elements, and the heater tube is pressed to increase thermal conductivity. Used for oil preheating, oil baths, wax and other heat transfer fluids, oil immersion heaters provide years of trouble-free service when the tubes are completely covered with fluid, used on correct voltage and kept free of carbonization. With watt densities of 16 to 22 W/in2, they are designed for use with heat transfer oil and have a maximum operating temperature of 550°F (288°C). Heaters with lower watt densities are designed for use with Bunker C fuel oil preheaters and line and suction heaters with a maximum operating temperature of 250°F (121°C). All are constructed with steel heads and tubing.

Trent Inc.

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Heraeus Golden

Gold Reflectors on Quartz Twin-Tube Infrared Lamp

With infrared technology, large surface areas as well as small three dimensional work pieces can be heated. Golden 8 infrared heaters are made with high-quality quartz tubes and gold reflectors for the highest efficiency. The twin-tube design provides high radiation power and good mechanical stability to the heating application. The lamps are offered in custom and standard configurations in lengths up to 21.33’ (6.5 m) and in short-, medium-, or fast-response medium-wave versions. Dimensions and filaments of the infrared heaters are matched to specific process requirements.

Heraeus Noblelight

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Conductive Heat Transfer Drives Fluid Tracing System Efficiency

QMax FTS (Fluid Tracing System) is a high-performance heat tracing system that is used with standard stainless or copper tubing, or electric tracing in the case of QMax ETS. The concept is simple: maximize the heat transfer from a heating medium to the process using application-specific, highly conductive aluminum. The company models every application using thermal FEA which so it can predict and prevent failure. It utilizes high efficiency conductive heat transfer rather than convective heat transfer.

QMax Industries Inc.

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Eraser Gloring

Use Benchtop Heat Tool for Heat Shrinking, Tube Bending, Soldering

Benchtop unit incorporates quartz-encapsulated heating elements that open and close to encircle work pieces with instant radiant heat at temperatures up to 1,500°F (815°C). Radio frequency interference is not generated with the heat tool and it is suitable for use in clean rooms and testing areas. Glo-Ring is suited for applications such as heat shrinking, plastic tube bending, soldering, adhesive curing, solder preforms and butt welding. The single-element bench model has a solid-state heat control for shrinking heat shrink tubing and other applications, while the-triple element bench model is suited for shrinking long lengths of shrink tubing and other applications. Heating elements open and close around the work piece by activating the electrical foot switch.

Eraser Co. Inc.

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Self-Regulating Heating Cables Avoid Over- and Under-Heating

For freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications, self-regulating heating cables increase power as temperatures fall and decreases as temperatures rise. Self-regulating heating cables can be designed to meet the demands specific to each application. Suited for metallic or nonmetallic piping and tanks, the self-regulating heating cables allow for ease of design and installation.

Thermon Americas Inc.

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Direct-Steam-Injection Heater Intended for Use with Viscous Products

Operating using low- or medium-pressure steam and capable of controlling temperatures to within 0.5°F (0.28°C), Solaris Hydroheater heats up to 12 percent consistency stock uniformly. The direct-steam injection heater features Mach diffuser technology and a straight-through flow design that enables instantaneous condensation of steam and homogeneous heating without mixers or motors, vibration or noise. It is intended to heat stock to optimal process temperatures. Constantly high velocity steam discharge prevents pressure upsets and plugging.

Hydro-Thermal Corp.

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Designed for High Flow Rates, Open Coil Heaters Suit Hot-Air Applications

With a maximum output temperature of 932°F (500°C), depending upon airflow, Flow Torches are designed for high flow rates and low pressure drop. Features include efficient design and minimal flow restrictions. Standard power, from 1 to 75 kW, is available for a range of applications such as hot air curtains, air drying, dehumidification, paint baking/drying, plastic curing, and exhaust gas heating. Airflow of up to 2,000 scfm and up to 3 psig can be handled by the 8” open coil heater.

Farnam Custom Products

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Low, Medium and High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters

Designed for maximum temperature, heat transfer and heater life, the 0.125” Superwatt optimizes heat transfer from the resistance wire to the sheath. Suitable applications include dies, plastic molding, instrumentation and packaging machinery.

Hotwatt Inc.

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Gas Infrared Emitters Can Be Retrofit in Existing Systems

The M2 product line includes fuel-saving, direct-retrofit, replacement emitters for existing gas infrared systems. Fast heatup and cooldown, with operating temperatures as high as 2,200°F (1,204°C), are features of an effective heat source. Manufacturer also can install and tune the replacement emitters. Other services include refurbishing manifolds and updating control systems. Available models include emitters with or without screens as well as a replaceable-screen version. An improved ignition and detection design utilizes existing flame safety equipment while providing robust, reliable flame signals. Emitters are supplied with gaskets, mounting bolts and pipe fittings ready to mate to existing connections.

Marsden Inc.

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Circulation Heater for Indirect Heating

Cast-X consists of two helical coiled tubes and tubular elements cast into an aluminum body that serves as the heat transfer media between the tubular element and the process tubes. The use of heavy-wall 316L seamless process tubing ensures reliability and high pressure operation. The circulation heater has a fluid path independent of the heater sheath to prevent fluid contamination. Other features include an integrated thermostat housing and the dual-tube construction. Typical applications include steam generation and superheating for process applications and applications where cleanliness is a major concern.


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Heat Recovery Equipment, Thermal Fluid Heaters

Heat recovery equipment is suited for use by chemical, petrochemical, petroleum and power producers to take advantage of the hot gases generated by process reactions during production of many chemicals and processes. Typical processes include sulfur recovery, fluid catalytic cracking, flue gas cooling, reactor effluent cooling and incineration. Circulating thermal fluid systems can be used with every heat transfer fluid type available, including mineral oils at lower temperatures, synthetic fluids at elevated temperatures, and inorganic fluids such as molten salt and liquid metals for the highest temperature applications.

TEI Struthers Wells

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Heat Trace Products

Heat Trace Cable System Responds to Thermodynamic Variations

T-Links provide a specified amount of heat anywhere along its length in direct response to local temperature or thermodynamic variations to maintain process heating and prevent freezing. It offers pre-terminated, watertight connectors and modular cable lengths. Available in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200’ standard lengths, the self-regulating heating cables can maintain temperatures up to 150°F (66°C) and will not burnout if overlapped. It is offered in 3-, 5-, 8- and 10 W/ft in 120 and 240 V.

Heat Trace Products LLC

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Steam or Electrically Heated Drum Heaters

Sahara Hot Box Model S4 is an energy-efficient oven designed to safely heat four drums or one tote. The unit is steam heated and has rugged steel construction, spill-containment capacity, temperature control and air circulation. The drum heater is intended to replace homemade hot rooms and band heaters. It is shipped assembled and also is available in an electric model.

Benko Products

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