Spirax Sarco’s July digital issue of Steam News is available and contains information about flowmetering technologies and applications.

Highlights of the issue include:

  • ASHRAE 188P and the Effects on Steam Processing. With recent outbreaks of Legionella, the ASHRAE organization has reviewed the previous guidelines developed and collaborated with industry professionals to help businesses mitigate the risk of infection.
  • Selecting the Right Flowmeter for Your Facility. A flow selection guide explains flowmeter technologies and offers selection advice based on the fluid being measured in your facility.
  • Save Energy with Monitoring and Targeting. You cannot control what you cannot measure. Learn how monitoring and targeting schemes typically are the first important step to saving energy.
  • Metering and Monitoring Feedwater Systems. Learn how to measure condensate return, the correction configuration and where and how to dose chemicals.
  • Steam Tip of the Month. What is meant by “turndown ratio” of a floweter, and why it is important?

Additional content includes industry editorial, training opportunities, new product innovations, energy-saving tips and more to help improve plant production, sustainability and energy efficiency. To download the July digital issue of Steam News from the Blythewood, S.C., based steam systems management, visit http://bit.ly/zYjZsw.