DeLuca has observed an increase in online sales that he attributes to the on-demand technical support he provides through the videos. He also believes his selection as a new manufacturer’s representative for another Invensys line is directly related to the enhanced marketing and customer service efforts he introduced through the video training.

Fred McLaughlin is an engineering manager with Oxy-Gon Industries, Epsom, N.H. The company designs and manufactures high temperature vacuum and inert atmosphere furnaces and ancillary devices for government and academic research centers and the aerospace, ceramic, optical fiber, metals and defense industries. Eurotherm controls are incorporated into the products made and sold by the company.

A long-time N.E.T.S. customer, McLaughlin first consulted the Eurotherm videos when he was working with a new control product on which he had no experience. “Temperature controls are very complex,” he explains. “I need to understand the device to know how to best incorporate it into our products. A good shortcut saves me time. I watched the video at my convenience, and could stop it and replay it.”

Adds McLaughlin, “The videos allow N.E.T.S. to serve more people with less help. We may still need to have a conversation, but no one from there needs to travel to New Hampshire. It’s a great service – definitely value-added.”

Ebon Elza is an information technology consultant for Hardline Heat Treating Company in Southbridge, MA. The company serves industry, medical, aerospace, military, and firearms clients. When company executives first saw the Eurotherm Nanodac temperature control at a trade show several years ago, they purchased several on the spot from N.E.T.S.

“I was blown away by the product,” recalls Elza, noting it was a “natural fit” for the company’s operations. “It had everything you’d ever need in a recorder.” However, he explains, printed manuals with technical instructions for such a complex product sometimes can be challenging to use.

“Technical documents tend to be all-encompassing,” notes Elza. “The manufacturer knows there are ten things the control will be doing 90 percent of the time. The Nanodac is very complex and technical and the steps are not always obvious. The key question is, ‘how do I configure this for what we need to do?’ The manual provides the universe of possibilities for the controller, but the installer needs to wade through all of that to originally configure the instrument to the network. The videos really have it down to the common tasks and provide a great way to get up and running.”

 Elza describes doing a Google search for support when he was trying to configure Eurotherm’s K or S-type controls. One of the top links was the N.E.T.S. videos. Out of curiosity, he checked them out. “Actually seeing someone demonstrate the configuration was definitely helpful. The visual directions help confirm that what you’re thinking is the right way to do it. The videos answer 99% of people’s questions. They also show some things we didn’t even realize it could do, which is great to know. When I have a question, I know I can see a video that has an answer. It benefits me as a consultant and my client.” 

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