A 20-year anniversary is a good time for a complete makeover…unless it’s your wedding anniversary, in which case such a suggestion to your wife might not endDoug Glenn inbody pic well! For Process Heating, however, it is time to change not only our look, but also the way we take our thermal-processing technical information to market. Starting with this issue, we begin our 20th-anniversary celebration just a bit early. We’re confident you’ll like the changes.

Process Heating’s first issue appeared in 1994. Since then, we’ve published timely and topical technical articles to nine specific market sectors: chemicals/petrochemicals, finishing, plastics/rubber, pharmaceuticals, pulp/paper/engineered wood/converting, food processing, ethanol/biodiesel fuels, packaging/printing and electronics. Before this issue, it was relatively difficult for you to tell at a glance which articles were pertinent to your industry. You had to look through the entire magazine for information that you felt was important to your daily work. And that assumed you had the time to leaf through the entire magazine. You don’t! So we’re making it easy for you to quickly identify at least a few items each month that are specifically intended for your industry. Go to www.process-heating.com/howtouse and watch a video that shows how easy it will be to find industry-specific content using the new tabs on the cover. It will greatly enhance the usefulness of Process Heating for your specific job.

In addition to making our content more accessible by use of the cover tabs, we’ve added editorial staff. Linda Becker, our talented editor for nearly the entire history of this magazine, is now joined by Reed Miller and Bill Mayer. Reed and Bill bring additional technical and journalism experience to the Process Heating team, and we are highly confident in this editorial team. We’ve increased the number of articles and columns in each issue, and this editorial team will continually look for ways to present useful content on the website as well as in print, electronic newsletters, online webinars and videos.

As you may well know, Process Heating has historically been a free publication for the right people in the right industries. This won’t change — it’s still free to you. But it is our advertisers that pay the bills, and we have a new sales team serving those advertisers. Susan Heinauer, Steve Roth and Rick Groves join the Process Heatingteam to effectively serve the advertisers that make Process Heating possible. Your patronage of those same advertisers is absolutely essential. Making it known to them that you’ve seen their ad in Process Heating will go a long way in helping them justify further advertisements.

 The last 20 years have been good for Process Heating. The cosmetic and structural changes that have been made to Process Heating ensure that the next 20 will be just as good. We’re looking forward to bringing you timely and relevant technical information in an effort to help you be as effective as possible at your job. Thanks for being a Process Heating reader, and thanks for supporting our advertisers.