Dürr, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, received first place in the energy-efficiency category of the Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award 2013 for the company’s ORC technology. The company’s ORC modules — Organic Rankine Cycle devices — generate electricity from waste heat. Durr’s latest ORC modules allow combined heat and power to be used even in small-scale applications. The modules produce electricity and supply residual heat that can be recycled.

ORC is a thermal cycle process in which an organic fluid is evaporated with the help of waste heat. The steam powers a generator, which provides electricity. According to Dürr, the advantage of ORC systems is that, unlike conventional steam processes, they can operate with lower waste heat temperatures. ORC systems are suitable for use with many waste heat sources such as biogas plants, landfills and sewage treatment plants, and in industrial production.

 The Environmental Technology Award is presented every two years by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy. It recognizes outstanding and innovative products and processes in the field of environmental technology.