Infrared heaters are used to transfer heat through a process or to a product via radiation. Our Equipment Overview on Infrared Heaters, an apples-to-apples comparison of the capabilities of a range of radiant heater makers, will help you narrow the field of potential suppliers to those that can satisfy your process needs.

Our Equipment Overview on Infrared Heaters — in print and online here — offers a side-by-side comparison of industrial infrared heaters manufacturers to show you which companies manufacture the types you want. Selected manufacturers are listed in print as well as online.

To view a more extensive listing, visit here and use our interactive matrix. Hyperlinks are provided to some manufacturers’ websites, and complete contact information can viewed at any time. To contact a specific manufacturer, click on the company name in the search results and use the contact information shown in the lower right corner of the online Equipment Overview.

Manufacturers listed in this Equipment Overview responded to a special mailing by Process Heating and do not necessarily represent the entire industrial infrared heater market. For more information, contact Renee Schuett at 248-786-1661 or