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Process Heating is distributed to thermal processing engineers and professionals like yourself in nine distinct industries: Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Food Processing, Finishing, Plastics/Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging/Printing, Electronics, Ethanol/Biodiesel Fuels, and Pulp/Paper/Engineered Woods/Converting. When you receive Process Heating each month, we know the thought that goes through your head is, “What’s in this month’s issue that applies to my industry and my job?”

Good question, and here’s what you can do to find out! To make it easy to identify what content is applicable to your industry, find the colored tab to the right that applies to your industry. Now, feather the magazine pages so you can see just a sliver of each page in the entire magazine. Notice how the color tab that applies to your industry can be seen on multiple pages throughout the entire publication.

Voilà! Instantly you have an entire publication dedicated specifically to your industry. Now you can flip forward to any page carrying your industry’s colored tab and find content that more likely applies directly to your industry. This saves you time and makes your reading experience much more efficient.

On pages where more than one editorial item appears, look for your industry tab next to each item. You may find one or many that apply to you!

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