To ensure the energy supply to Marl Chemical Park, Evonik Industries’ largest production facility, the company has signed a contract to build a new combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant. The plant is a joint project of Evonik and E.ON. Siemens.

Marl Chemical Park currently receives electricity and steam from three power plants consisting of five generating units. The oldest of these is Unit 3, which in a few years will reach the end of its useful operating life. Unit 3 will be replaced with a new CCGT plant with 60 MW of electric capacity. E.ON will build the new plant at a central location at Evonik's production facility.

The plant is expected to enter service in 2015. Switching from coal to gas will allow Evonik to reduce its carbon emissions at Marl by about 280,000 metric tons annually.