A new website that reorganizes information about the company’s products, services, people and departments was launched by Paratherm, West Conshohocken, Pa.

The site presents information about the eight heat transfer fluids the company manufactures as well as data and spec sheets about the safety, operation and maintenance of heat transfer fluids and the heaters, systems, and applications involved in their use.

Engineering bulletins, safety data sheets, properties versus temperature, relief-valve sizing guidance and more are included for each heat transfer fluid. The site also includes two databases of advisory information for users of heat transfer fluids and related processing equipment. The User’s Guide for Heat Transfer Fluids and Systems contains more than 20 articles written to provide practical assistance in the safety and operation of heat transfer fluid applications. Articles cover contamination, fire prevention, removing water, fluid maintenance, fluid analysis, system components, cleaning systems and more.

To see the new site, visit www.paratherm.com.