A thorough boiler inspection checks your internal and external boiler components in addition to the mandated inspections. U.S. Water, St. Michael, Minn., offers tips for making your facility’s boiler system more efficient by employing boiler inspection services to ensure boiler safety and reliability.

  • Boiler inspections should incorporate the following:
  • Personal safety equipment.
  • Proper “lockout” procedure for boiler.
  • Inspect the steam drum from the generating tubes to the chemical feed line.
  • Inspect the bottom drum from the drum surfaces to the blowdown angle iron.
  • Inspect the fire side of boiler, including the furnace wall tubes, convection sections, superheater and refractory searching for deposits, blisters, alignment and supports.
  • Check the headers (if present) for deposits.
  • Inspect the deaerator, including the storage section, sprays and trays.
  • Inspect other equipment such as the turbines, pumps and pretreatment equipment.
  • Document the results.
  • Set up meetings to discuss the boiler inspection’s results.

U.S. Water provides boiler Inspections that can help users prevent issues before they become problems. Read more in U.S. Water’s Blog.