Metso Pulp, Paper and Power Businesses to Demerge, Form ValmetStarting from the beginning of 2014, the customers of Metso’s Pulp, Paper and Power businesses will be dealing with a new, independent company, Valmet. The demerger was approved by Metso's extraordinary general meeting on October 1, 2013.

“The name of the new company will be Valmet, but the company itself will be quite different from the former Valmet days,” explains Pasi Laine, the future president and CEO of Valmet Corp.

During the last decade, Metso has acquired a number of companies and businesses through mergers and acquisitions, and these changes shape Valmet.

“The things that have remained and have been developed further are the quality and reliability of our technology and operations as well as commitment to our customers. We are glad to be able to incorporate in the new company all the good connotations the Valmet name still has in the minds of many persons within the industry,” Laine continues.

According to Metso, the new Valmet will start its operation in a good market position. The company is the number one or number two supplier for the pulp, board and paper industries as well as for the bio-energy industry.

In the demerger process, Metso’s Automation business will remain with Metso. The separate companies expect to continue to close cooperate. Valmet will also focus on bio-based technologies Metso has developed, including gasification of waste and biomass, pyrolysis, lignin separation from black liquor and prehydrolysis.