Thermoprocessing Books, Training Manuals Offered OnlineIndustrial Heating Equipment Association has partnered with publisher Vulkan Verlag to offer seven books related to industrial process heating for sale on its website.

"In order to expand our knowledge base, IHEA has brought in these new titles to assist those in various sectors of the industrial heat processing industry to access the most recent information and stay current with new technologies,” says Brian Kelly of Elster Kromschröder. Kelly serves as chair of the IHEA education committee.

Books include Pocket Manual of Heat Processing; Refractory Engineering; Inductive Melting & Holding; Handbook of Refractory Materials; Handbook of Burner Technology for Industrial Furnaces; Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies; and Dictionary of Refractories and Refractory Engineering.

The books can be purchased online on IHEA's website under publications/books.