Tranter and Westinghouse have entered into a teaming agreement to develop a new modular shell-and-plate feedwater heater for use in the power industry.

As the two companies have noted, there has been little change in traditional shell-and-tube feedwater heater designs in decades. Welded shell-and- plate heat exchangers — a recent technology based on gasket plate heat exchanger designs — are used in power and other industries. Compared to traditional shell-and-tube designs, the welded shell-and- plate heat exchangers are relatively compact, have higher heat transfer coefficients and are more easily serviceable.

Tranter Inc., Wichita, Texas, and Westinghouse Electric Co. LLC, Cranberry Township, Pa., will develop a shell-and-plate feedwater heater (SPFWH). The heat transfer surface will be composed of modular welded heat transfer plates that are easily replaceable as needed, providing sustainable long-term thermal performance and mechanical reliability. Bolted removable heads and removable plate cores will provide full access to the heat transfer surface and other critical internals.

“Plate heat transfer is the fastest growing heat transfer technology, and it continues to take market share from shell-and-tube technology, especially with welded configurations like the shell-and-plate concept,” says Pete Mickus, director of global product platform at Tranter.